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  1. Re: GUESS THE RACE: Crying Baby Sparks Brawl on Flight

    My name for these fucked up shithole cretins will be a simple one....

  2. Re: Potential second saga surrounding A*STAR : leaked passports

    who gives a shit.....the loss of money through cbkiah scholars is the least of our concerns when you are starting to notice the wanton plunder by the pap bastarsd!!!!
  3. Re: Robert Mugabe turning into a tyrant, says former ally Rugare Gumbo

    this fucking nigger's money is stashed in stinkapore and being laundered by his equally high net worth doctor whom he visits periodically (probably to stash even more cash)....

    WTF is the CAD...
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    Re: Singapore's credit crisis caused by pap

    time to wait and see how the pappies are gonna rescue this thing from going into a tailspin......

    thanks to all their manipulation of the bubble property mkt. there will be utter carnage
  5. Re: Today letter: Property won't fall much because we will attract more immigrants!

    looks like a carnage is on the cards....lets see whether the pap has the balls to roll out their 3rd casino plan before the elextions to save this fucking shithole.....
  6. Re: Worrying Signs Of FAP Traitors Siphoning $$$ Out of SG

    GE2015 I will simply vote for that bunch whose manifesto is to dig it all up and prise open all the dark secrets of our CPF monies
  7. Re: PAP cock up forgot to ask Karen Tan not to sign UN Arms Treaty

    obvioously there is illegal arms trade vs legal arms if stinbkapore is doing legal arms trade then bo salah mah......

    they are encouraging wars, killing and sufferings....LEGALLY!!!!
  8. Re: Damned chinks causing more carnage around the world

    fuckers doint even know how to cross the road properly because they were looking the "wrong" way.......what a bunch of dumbshits.....
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    Re: Singapore tests its success

    Debate with what?

    The hot air coming out of his goldfish mouth!??

    Its just a question of time and karma is already punishing him properly by not letting him die quickly.....
  10. Re: Aljunied Town Council Deemed Guilty By SG Court

    Pap will be stewpig to try to do the sg50 celebrations with their elections......

    That will just have the reverse effect and make people reflect about their current state of misery and make them...
  11. Re: Scientists Say E-Cigs Contain 10 Times As Many Cancer Chemicals As Cigarettes

    No taxes to collect for the cb moneyfaced pap govt so sure kena banned .....

    So cigarettes are safer and less cancer causing than e ciggies right???

    Hahahahaha lanjiao....
  12. Re: Aljunied Town Council Deemed Guilty By SG Court

    Sounds exactly like exactly like wtf happened in nazi germany...........

  13. Re: Aljunied Town Council Deemed Guilty By SG Court

    Lim sweesay tried to snook pinkys own move by declaring that he is gonna run in the east coast liao lor.....

    The pap is fucking stewpig....if they put this lim siah sway loserfuck in east coast...
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    Re: Gurmit Singh quits showbiz

    Li kong simi lanjiao.....

    Talented my lanjiao.....

    This talentless twat of a fucking chapcheng cbkiah bayi is one of the reasons why i couldnt be fucking bothered to watch...
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    Re: German pair breached SMRT depot THREE times! Desmond, RESIGN!!

    You mean....everybody ELSE resigns except desmond....this fucker is sent direct to be a guarddog for the Lees ok?

    How to resign???

    Unless the lees get hung and have gheir balls chopped...
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    Re: Where is Mark Richmond now?

    Amazon beatrice is FUCKING in GCB loaded....thats why when mark kena her charms, he dropped vanetta like one Hot potato......

    Ultimate eat soft rice.....even if he shake leg and...
  17. Re: Oil Price Collapses

    When are the Sinkapore petrol prices gonna be adjusted downwards????????????????
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    Re: Casinos and Shopping Malls are Not The Answer

    classical one trick ccb pap pony ....

    next best solution is to open another casino after they win this next elections apparently.....

    these fucking millionair jiakliaobees are totally...
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    Re: Casinos and Shopping Malls are Not The Answer


    and their damm stylo espadrilles........

    hahahahaha :D :D
  20. Re: Now that oil has dropped to $80, why are prices still sky high?

    WHY are our petrol pump prices still SKY HIGH?????????????

    Why are our electricity bills still SKY HIGH??????????
  21. Re: SMRT made money so give back OUR money!!!!

    Maybe the recent departure of the SMRT CFO has revealed something which necessitated his resignation??

    WTF is going on??????!!!!

    Anybody from the SMRT or knows somebody from the SMRT...
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    Re: Sinkapore is a money laundering hub

    Stinkapore is for everyone mah..........everyone who has money.......anyone who has lotsa money...doesnt matter how you made your money.......

    Fucked up country....makes me wonder everyday why...
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    Re: Fukushima rice and Sakae sushi....

    Thank you for your suggestion which is as useful as you can be.........
  24. Re: Ho Kwon Ping’s Self-Serving Proposals Have No Merit

    Ho Kwon Ping is a sellout hedging his bets.......

    In truth he's nothing but another Leegime fatcat.........
  25. Re: CPF: Lost More Than $100 Billion Over The Years In Bad Investments?

    The era of non-responsibility.....

    No one will be held accountable for any massive fuckups involving leegime cronies and PLPs............
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