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  1. Re: PRC's new ARMED 中国功夫satellies to grab + sabotage others ANTI-SATELLITE WARFARE

    Is shows that foolish insecure Ang Mohs are frightful and panic with their own foolish imaginations.

    In todays warfare of anti-satellites, even launching a projectile into space to hit a target,...
  2. Re: USA can not take it from ISIS bans beheading videos free speech my foot

    USA is a very very pathetic failure also especially in their Top Political Agenda of War Against Terrorism.

    Taliban Al Qaeda are not losing the war with USA at all. Getting stronger by each...
  3. Re: USA can not take it from ISIS bans beheading videos free speech my foot

    USA is a very very pathetic failure and their future is 100% doomed.

    They promote freedom and got beaten flat by their enemies using exactly what they promoted.

    I can list some of their big...
  4. Re: Celebrate another great USA family day Papa shot 5 children 4 dead

    Too bad did not shoot the wife. Should had been 1st target.
  5. Re: CPF rally at Hong Lim and the deafening absence of WP and other oppos

    That's yr own WRONG expectations oftheir presence or endorsement.

    Not true that any time any event held by anybody (nobody) against government, will be endorsed or welcomed by all opposition...
  6. heating up towards war PRC sank Viet ship Huat Ah!

    Chinese fleet gang-up sinks Viet boat
    12:20 am | Friday, May 30th, 2014
    *0*31*0Work in Australia
    Fined out if you can...
  7. Thai civil war step by step BIG FAST STEPS

    Large haul of weapons found

    THE NATION May 22, 2014 1:00 am
    Police-military team conduct three raids;...
  8. Re: 1st hand news Russia will win over Ukraine regardless

    So is the languages Russian they say will have a chance to be understood at hotels and airports etc. Not their mother tongue.

    One lady among the group lost Ukrainian passport at a trip recently to...
  9. 1st hand news Russia will win over Ukraine regardless

    Group of 6 Ukrainians staying in a near by hotel came to the cafe I was. They met up here arrived separatky from Beijing and Paris.

    Mixed English and I supposed Ukrainian they spoke.

  10. Re: World Record Tua Leng Kong PRC Cooking (photos)

    You fucker peasants just wait.

    I will make my own world record Mee Siam with tons of fucking HUMS KNN! :D
  11. World Record Tua Leng Kong PRC Cooking (photos)

    组图:世界最大份辣椒炒肉出锅 用掉近3吨食材

    2014年04月27日 07:04:38 | 责任编辑: 卢俊宇 | 来源:中新网
  12. Re: Sex game ends in hospital visit (tips for you)

    Next time put Durian inside her Hum.

    And make Mee Siam.
  13. dumb desperate Ang Moh beggars gave up Jesus n jump ship to Islam

    Muslim American Women Are the New Normal
    Posted: 01/28/2014 2:49 pm
    Islam, Muslim Feminist,...
  14. Re: Spying Fire Storm spreaded to Singapore / KL diplomacy, KL fucked SG High Commisi

    Soon will have many aggressive angry protesters burning Sg flags at many embassy of ours. Throwing crap n eggs on our flag.
  15. Re: V for Vendetta hacker teach PAP suckers to use CB Microsoft to be hacked easily

    Developer`s network documented milions od MS security holes, can read online. Virus security firms also hv databases of all the threat n risks given online.
  16. V for Vendetta hacker teach PAP suckers to use CB Microsoft to be hacked easily

    What is shit is shit. Countless security holes in MS opens PAP's anus to hackers. Ah Gua Loong's government love to be ass penetrated. Enjoying to be vulnerable. Fucktards use MS systems all deserves...
  17. Re: Obama a CROOK and BANDIT not only printing worthless dollars

    Let USA die ASAP. Save ourselves. They die better than we die.
  18. Replies

    war comming get ready for these

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  19. Re: pse lon laugh! Taiwan ATM crooks scam peasants to pour 3000cc of COKE into ATM!

    So when is PAP conman going to beat that and had Sinkees pee into the ATMs? :rolleyes::D
  20. Re: Why PAP did not send Kim Jong Il's funeral?

    You mean Ah Loong not a good 孝男? :D

    I think he can cry very well when his papa mati you know? :p
  21. Re: Why 71-Year-Old Aunty Needs 2 Jobs While FAP Ministers Make Billions + Pension?

    Eh Gong Kia do you know that me and my cronies all do more than 100 jobs each?

    We have sooooo many appointments of chairman directors presidents what not! All drawing salaries and fees you know?...
  22. Re: FT crane driver attacks sinkie family car Transformer style!

    HELP! JINX! I Scared.
  23. Re: Catholic Church STOLE 300,000 babies from parents and SOLD them !

    Have they arrested the Pontiff yet?
  24. Re: Dummy South Korean Army fire hundreds of bullets at civilian airliner and ALL MIS

    They are capable of this then you can expect them to launch a big anti-aircraft missile the next time. And the result wouldn't be the same.:oIo:
  25. Re: cabinet announcement Mon afternoon major reshuffle

    You mean Char Rojak?

    Got Hum?

    Why WKS & Cow must survive?
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