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    Re: Lawrence Wong is one freaking scumbag!

    After SG50,the PAP still have not matured but stooped down to a low-class despicable act of hitting your opponent below the belt.
    It seems that they don't know how to debate and only good at...
  2. Salute to the opposition candidates in the ge2015 !!!

    Salute to the brave heroes & heroines of the opposition who stand up as candidates in the ge2015 !!!
    They have done their part.
    Now,we, the citizens of singapore,have to do our part to vote them...
  3. Re: Is Ah Loong threatening every Singaporean?

    Saw his farked black face on TV mumbling n like going to cry as if we owe him money,I switched off the TV.
  4. Re: Sim Ann: Iím not too sure if AHPETC has lost money

    Slanted eye with twisted tongue.No money lost in PAP TCs ? No money lost in Govt Ministries ?
  5. Re: Sim Ann on FTs: We always put SGs front and centre

    The pappies always put SGs front and centre ...on the chopping board.
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    Re: Wah! ah Chee can play the guitar!

    Learning to play an musical instrument is much better than the papparasites counting gold bars or getting climax everytime they see their CPF statements !
  7. Re: DPP introduces Harvard grad as potential Bishan-Toa Payoh candidate

    I don't care how she looks,as long as she can smash pap parasites into a pulp.
  8. Re: ESM Goh: PM Lee asked me to defend Marine Parade GRC

    Stupid wooden Goh,u got no brain or what,the pinky ask u to jump into Bedok reservoir u also jump ? U stupid wooden long-nosed liar !
  9. Re: DPM Teo warns Síporeans not to weaken the PAP team. Give Them Blank Cheques Inste

    U mutherfarker,u want my vote,u talk to me nicely,u don't threaten me ok ,u understand or not u mutherfarker !
  10. Re: Oppos, do you dare form a coalition government?

    When the Opposition won majority seats in parliament,practically they will form a coalition govt,the interests of the singapore people come first.
  11. Re: Singapore Polytechnic - Bad Employer w Pissed Poor HR Practises

    The MIW do not practise what they preach.Now is the time to teach them a lesson.
  12. Re: Minister Lee: Opposition Come Only During Election Time! May Get Lost And Need To

    The arrogant and stuck-up PAP minister looking down on the Opposition again.Don't be so cocky.Let's see who has the last laugh.
  13. Re: Petition for accountability on financial lapses before GE

    The PAP will pretend nothing happen,no wrongdoing.They will really wake up only when the Opposition comes into power.
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    Re: Singaporean man shot dead in Philippine

    The BIL was gunned down by his Taiwanese employee who later escaped to Cambodia.
  15. Re: Story of an unemployed PMET, lessons for all PMETs - And All Voters!

    Truthfully,If this GE 2015 PAP won again,true-blue Singaporeans will become a minority or extinct.Honestly,The powers that be do not care whether the sinkees have a job or not .U die is your...
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    Re: SingFirst Party to Contest in Tg Pagar GRC!

    Sinkees are lesser mortals.
  17. Re: What will LHL say to AMK voters to con them again?

    Yeah,he will also blamed his cock itchy for marrying Ho Jinx.
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    Re: Coming elections in Singapore: Burning question and issues.......

    Return all our cpf money at 55 years old now !!!
    Scrapped the farking cpf minimum sum scheme !!!
    Knnccb to the pap !!!
  19. Re: 4yrs later none of the problems fixed.....

    PAP is on auto-pilot.Need someone to knock out the idle and useless PAP.
  20. Re: CCS to SG PMEs: "Go and get overseas experience"

    Foreigners welcome into sinkeeland and Sinkees forced to look for jobs overseas ???
    Kick out the PAP !!!
    Vote out the PAP !!!
    Down with the PAP !!!
  21. Re: Ex-SMRT engineer speaks out about the frequent breakdowns

    Get rid of the corrupt pap in the next election 2015 !!!
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    Re: Shitty Times tries to protect TCJ, shift blame to students

    Why don't they do a research on why PAP ministers demand multi-million dollars salaries in order to survive decently ? Is it pure greed ? Is it kleptomania ? Is it DNA disorder ?
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    Re: GE akan datang...

    LHL got no balls to stand in a SMC.
  24. Re: Sbs bus driver chases soldier off the bus for not having money in ezlink card

    U all still don't get it ! ?
    Do yourself a favour,VOTE OUT THE MIW !
  25. Re: MOM now rejects FTs with certs from degree mills

    General election year 2015,have to wayang abit.
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