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  1. Living in JB
  2. Living in JB 2 (Johore)
  3. General Help
  4. Wanted - Image that is a Johore Icon
  5. Good agents or bad agents, share here
  6. JB Food
  7. All about cars in Malaysia
  8. New developments to share
  9. List of members with property/ies in Iskandar Malaysia.
  10. Newbie questions
  11. What insurance should we buy while staying in Johor?
  12. Childcare Education for Singaporeans' kids...
  13. Malaysia - Gen/Info/Emergency Numbers.
  14. Exchange Rates for RM
  15. Advertising / Spamming via Signature
  16. Nusajaya - Business Idea
  17. JB have bats?
  18. Banking & Finance (includes credit cards posting)
  19. Moving to KL
  20. Entertainment
  21. Legal issues/questions - Anything to do with lawyers and banks
  22. Silly rumours and myths
  23. Bikers come in!
  24. It's coming to 2 years.. why still no update!!!!
  25. Buying a property Leasehold or freehold better??
  26. Movers from singapore to jb, recommendations ?
  27. Increased of state levy from 10k RM to 30k RM sometime around April 2012
  28. lobang for funds transfers from Malaysia to Singapore
  29. East Ledang/ Ledang Heights/ Ujana/ Impiana community.
  30. Serious problems with monier solar water heater installation
  31. Oil and gas sector needs 40,000 skilled workers
  32. Why East Ledang more expensive than Horizon Hill? and by 1/3?
  33. How do I register a company in JB?
  34. Pet lovers, please come in!
  35. Can I buy a Malaysian car then get a driver to drive my car with my family to sing??
  36. Puteri Harbour Community
  37. Renovation to your homes
  38. Some common Malay words that are useful to know in JB
  39. Sports Section
  40. The investment thread (Finally)
  41. Fireflies (Kunang kunang in Bahasa)
  42. Event Calendar Johor Bahru - happenings/shows/events
  43. thankyou wuqi256
  44. Cakap Ayam, Nyayi Lagu -Talk Cock Sing Song
  45. Blessing the house
  46. Parents are very old.. Relatives worried ...
  47. Need something in MY? Try - www.88db.com.my
  48. CW3 terminal at Bukit Indah has shifted
  49. M'sian govt to double minimum property price for foreigners to RM1million?
  50. metal fabrication workshop in Johor Jaya area
  51. Pasar Malam List - Where are they?
  52. This is SP setia standard
  53. Have you ever wonder.. Is there any JB group deal sites?
  54. JB/SG Crimewatch
  55. OpenlySolved - Maths is no problem at this website
  56. Personal properties for sales - No agents please
  57. Car pooling to Singapore - Started on request
  59. Taxation issues
  60. wanna visit dental in jb
  61. Leisure Farm Community
  62. Blogs, Forums and Websites about Iskandar Johor.
  63. Singapore to Senai airport
  64. News on progress of collaboration between Sg and Iskandar Region.
  65. Air Con Man
  66. Made In Korea Furniture Up For Sale | Korean Business Up For Sale
  67. Raffles Tiger, I am watching you
  68. Nusa Idaman Community
  69. Nusa Duta Page
  70. Sharing your personal experience commuting/living in JB, Johore and MY at large
  71. Setia Tropika community
  72. Good website to share
  73. Johor General Pics
  74. Places of interest in JB
  75. Fishing ponds/places in JB
  76. Bukit Indah - The Address
  77. Taman Perling community -- any here?
  78. Nusa Heights :)
  79. How many sammyboy members now living in JB thanks to WuQi256?
  80. Nusa Sentral Tread
  81. Living in JB 3 (Johore)
  82. The politics thread :)
  83. [Poll] Your Plans about Buying JB Property & Living in JB
  84. The Paragon thread
  85. Horizon Hills community.
  86. Malaysia My Second Home - mm2h
  87. Setia Sky 88 community
  88. Owner for ksl d'esplanade residence
  89. Taman Sutera Utama community
  90. Bestari heights
  91. Anyone visited durian farm in Johor or other state?
  92. 8 Reasons that Living in Malaysia Beats Living in Singapore
  93. Tropez Residences Owners
  94. Home Security
  95. Twin Galaxy community
  96. Senibong Cove
  97. Molek / Ponderosa community
  98. Horizon Residence Condo @ Taman Bukit Indah 2 By Mahabuilders
  99. Looking for safe, clean rentals in Johor while looking for work in Singapore
  100. Johore luk luk
  101. Living in KL!! :D
  102. Caveat Emptor : Let the house buyer beware
  103. Johor Bahru Redevelopment
  104. Matex Residence
  105. Other parts of Malaysia - Penang
  106. Car pooling from East Ledang, Johor into Singapore
  107. Permas Jaya Community
  108. Nusantara Prima
  109. Paragon Suites @ CIQ
  110. Ang moh also move to JB for lower cost of living.
  111. Good Chinese Schools in JB
  112. Malay con-man at Bukit Indah Giant/ Tesco
  113. Laguna
  114. Austin Heights/Adda Heights
  115. Molek/Johor Jaya
  116. Seri Alam/Bandar Dato Onn
  117. Kulai/Senai
  118. Desa Tebrau
  119. 2nd link / Causeway link Traffic All in 1 page (North-South Highway included)
  120. Any get together sessions for Singaporeans staying in Johor Bahru?
  121. Meridin at Medini and Astaka Project in Iskandar - any good?
  122. Tri Tower Residences @ JB Sentral CIQ
  123. Travelling in and out of Malaysia after moving
  124. Seri Austin
  125. General Economic and Developments in Malaysia
  126. Setia Sky Suites
  127. Country garden @ Danga Bay is Launching Soon
  128. Iskandar map - Zones
  129. Newbie keen on moving questions
  130. Best way to move $ from SGD to MYR?
  131. Do u know what are our ministers' views abt the rapidly developing Iskandar Malaysia?
  132. Schools in Iskandar
  133. Medini (Nusajaya) Community
  134. Jobs in Iskandar
  135. Sunway Iskand
  136. Setia Eco Cascadia
  137. Setia Eco Cascadia
  138. || More snapping up homes in Iskandar M'sia ||
  139. Capri @ Danga Bay community
  140. Question of Insurance?
  141. Astaka community
  142. House moving experience SG -Jb
  143. Daulat Tuanku
  144. Singaporeans conned by M'sian condo developer. Again.
  145. Trans-Global Properties Sdn Bhd
  146. Need to rent a room in JB - 1 year to 2years.
  147. Blue infinit
  148. How to spot a FAKE
  149. Living in JB advice
  150. Living in Peesai,JB, Oz, and NZ..... updates?
  151. RTS rapid transit system linking Johor and Singapore (MASTEEL)
  152. Propertyguru Exhibition at Trader's Hotel , 27-28 July
  153. Swimming Instruction
  154. good tailor in Johor?
  155. Malaysia Property Guru, Milan Doshi of Wealth Mastery - Real or Not ?
  156. D Inspire Residence @ Bukit Indah Tower A Launching Soon
  157. D'pristine
  158. Small Transport Service to Iskandar Available , Nights & Weekends
  159. Iskandar Residences @ Medini
  160. D Summit Residences@kempas
  161. Johor to ban foreigners from buy secondary-market properties?
  162. High Tension Cable... Ugly View..
  163. Eco Botanic @ Nusajaya
  164. Southkey
  165. D'Ambience Residences
  166. jb house in bukit indah/nusa idaman/setia eco garden area
  167. Meridin @ Medini (Nusajaya)
  168. Pinnacle by MAHA Builders. A secret I just discover.
  169. Iskandar -- Now is the time to invest in or it's overhyped?
  170. Mont Callista@ Pulai Bayu Community
  171. 8scape Condo
  172. Seri Austin
  173. The Epic
  174. Taobao for Your Renovation Needs
  175. Molek Regency
  176. Condo Supply: Total no. of units in the pipeline.
  177. Puteri Cove Residences New Development Project
  178. Fled from Brunie to Singapo Bankrupt in America and Hong Kong, Fleeing to Malaysia
  179. Daiman Jaya
  180. Horizon Residence 2
  181. Medini
  182. Make sure your developer submit state consent now.. else...
  183. V@Summerplace by Connoisseur
  184. Bandar Seri Alam , Masai Community
  185. HSR and RTS Discussion
  186. www.facebook.com/jbboleh
  187. Vantage Bay
  188. The Information Counter (TIC)
  189. Tebrau8 by See Hoy Chan
  190. Wave @ Marina Cove
  191. How Singaporeans can detect overseas property investments scams
  192. Is it compulsory to pay for MRTA (mortgage insurance) when loaning from bank?
  193. Do you own a credit card?
  194. Owner's Hangout- Singaporean owners of Homes, Domestic Helpers living in JB
  195. Economic News
  196. U@turn to renew Social visit Pass at MY Custom
  197. Princebay at desaru
  198. Any Singaporean citizen who lives in JB (own house) and work in JB?
  199. Creating a Will. Shall we engage Singaporean or Malaysia Lawyer?
  200. Setia Eco Garden
  201. What things are cheaper in JB?
  202. IOI Mall (Kulai Jaya)
  203. Almas Suites @ Puteri Harbour - Discussion Room
  204. Impressions - 2.5 Storey InterTerrace @ Taman Sutera Utama by TanahSutera
  205. Excellent Shop Lots for investment and rental
  206. Malaysia Housing Loan Default
  207. Water problem
  208. D'Pristine (MCT)
  209. Is life better for you now you have moved over?
  210. 1st link: Best time to drive from JB-SG and SG-JB?
  211. Early retirement in JB
  212. Fairway Suites, Horizon Hills
  213. Long Term Visit Pass
  214. Why Singapore Dollars have NO CHOICE but to continually Appreciate in value
  215. Property News
  216. Another perspective
  217. Should I move or not?
  218. Rental and Resale (All about Rental and Resale prices in Iskandar)
  219. Possible to sell before CFO?
  220. Indoor Badminton Court in Nusajaya
  221. Avira Medini ( A SANCTUARY OF WELLNESS)
  222. Indoor Basketball Court in JB/Nusajaya
  223. Super cowboy SuperMarket
  224. Emerald Bay and surroundings,..Vicarious Liability ?
  225. Old Skool Rattan Chairs
  226. Eco Spring and Summer
  227. Any advantage to have Msian bank account/chequebook compared to TT money?
  228. Help on landed property in JB
  229. Greenhaven Service Apartments
  230. Calculation of property taxes, quit rent and other expenses
  231. Singaporean files police report over "spicy" fried rice in Johor Baru...
  232. Traffic jams at both CIQs (Woodlands Causeway and Tuas 2nd Link)
  233. Shariah Law in Malaysia soon?
  234. Newbie to know where and what to get in JB?
  235. Residing in JB w/o MM2H ???
  236. What is happening at Brunsfield Iskandar Waterfront ( BIW ) @ Danga Bay?
  237. Sell Now? Sell 2 yrs later (RGPT 5%), or Rent Out
  238. 6% GST in Malaysia in April 2015
  239. Grand welcome as Najib holds bilateral meeting with Chinese premier
  240. D' Secret Garden Service Residence at Kempas (JB)
  241. Causeway and Link 2 Jamms - Big Disaster awaiting to occur,..
  242. Bandar Dato Onn N11,12 & 15
  243. Best Property for Investment in JB 2014/15
  244. EcoBotanic or Horizon Hills - which is better value ?
  245. Giving birth in JB and register baby as Singaporean.
  246. Good Neighbours across the Straits
  247. 碧贵园集团 Country Garden
  248. Puteri Cove by RF
  249. Starting a Business and Moving to Malaysia
  250. Proposed stops for KL-S'pore high-speed rail - Nusajaya in Johor